You are free when you're working with Footprint.

We don't trap or lock our clients in or down with expensive and sticky long term contracts. In fact, we don’t have, need or even want to have any contracts with our clients. You are free to stay for as long as you like us and our work, as you are free to go whenever you like.

We have for this industry very long relationships with our clients as you can see for your self down at the Clients section, simply because they are not leaving. I will try to explain why: the first major factor is that we are from the process- and production industry, we are not from the soil of programmers. I myself was raised in the printing industry, I know what it means when a printing press, computer system or a assembly line does not work and the huge konsekvensens that coses. This I a major problem companies experiences when they go to meetings with programmers asking for a system produced that are going to solve their manufacturing problems. The programmer just can’t relate to the reality of their industry. We don’t have this problem, code and systems to us is just the tools to solve the clients problems.

We help our clients whenever they need our help without support agreements, we don’t need a piece of paper to help you out when you find your self in a bad situation. Footprint is not after your money, we are after your projects, we work for, earn and deserve your money. All work we do for you we report in a detailed list every month making it posible for you to track back every single cost.

We are system- and app-developers, and our main platform is FileMaker and second comes MySQL. We use php, javascript, css and of course html in the creation of our clients systems but there is also some shell- and apple-scripting involved at times.

Integrations of all kinds to other systems occupy a great deal of our time now days, all wants to connect to all there is to integrate to basically. No wonder, it saves a great deal of time.

Last and most important is that we are very experienced and realistic people when it comes to project management meaning that your system will get done and not ending up collapsed at the IT-graveyard together with the money spent.


A very experienced team combined of great knowledge and skills.

Henrik Bergqvist

Henrik Bergqvist

IT and Graphic production

I started Footprint in 2010 Sweden and moved to México the following year with the main focus of continuing developing FileMaker solutions, which has been my main work tool for the last 25 years. Server, database administration and hosting clients' solutions and customer relations are also sorted under my responsibilities.

Alan Ramírez

Alan Ramírez

Full Stack Developer

UACH Software engineer
5 years experience in FileMaker development, hybrid mobile apps with Angular 8 and Ionic 4, web apps with HTML5, PHP, and managing MySQL, SQL and FileMaker databases.

Francisco Montes Fonseca

Francisco Montes

IT Developer

Master's degree in Science
A student with Latin Honors. Fully educated in PHP, HTML, CSS, Python. Been working with FileMaker development and coding since 2017.


Their systems, projects and the work we are helping them with.

Scuba Travel
Since 2014
A long relationship that over the years resulted in the most complex FileMaker based Booking system we ever developed by far. The system handles everything from the clients webportal to the invoicing done by the external system Fortnox that we of course integrated to, and everything in between. This is a very complicated system, that is based upon an equaly complicated business and it's workflow.
Worth mentioning is that we also administer their whole network and it's devices over vpn from México.
Ink n Art
Since 2013
Ink 'n' Art is a great friend, client and of course printing company. What have they not been challenging us with over the years. If you need a graphic producer in europe those are the guys to talk to, take our word for it. They started out using a simple version of our system Printhub designed specially for printers, six years later thanks to Ink 'n' Art the system was something completely more sophisticated. At the moment we work on a completely new system including integrations towards logistic and economical systems as well as the local prepress system.
Invictus Travel
Since 2014
Invictus Travel belongs to the same group as Scuba Travel even if it has one new owner operating it from The Canarie Islands. The situation here is basically the same as with Scuba Travel, they run and use a modified version of Scubas booking system altered for their market and needs. As with the rest here we host their solution at our servers, make the changes Invictus require and we also service their Mac computers.
P & H Travel & Dive
Since 2016
The third company in the Hummingbird family, this is as Scuba Travel a company specalized in exotic diving trips. It's operated from the Filipines and P & H Travel are in fact literly using the same system and database as Scuba Travel meaning that we created a system that can handle multiple companies, which is actually also the case with Ink 'n' Art.
Skandinaviskt Beslagskompani AB
Since 2016
SkanCo is the latest european addition. For who we developed a slightly different system in order for them to take control over the inventory, including an app designed for use by the warehouse staff registering and keeping track of incoming and outgoing products. The system works towards a FileMaker database so they have complete control and the same information in all departments over the orderflow.
Since 2017
LACOSA - Laboratorio y consultoría SA de CV is a nationally recognized company for its soil studies and analysis. LACOSA is a family business with great performance in their area and an entrepreneurial mind. They have trusted us for the management and maintenance of their servers and networks since 2017. We are currently developing a complete system that allows for the management and control of their balance sheet system, as well as a system that enables for the monitoring of works and projects with their clients. .
Honeycomb Mini Fablab
Since 2019
Honeycomb Mini FabLab is a micro company devoted to 3D design, scanning and printing. They have the ability to create or rebuild objects, such as tools, replacement parts or just unique ornaments. Our work with them has included a system that control their printers through an integration within Octoprint and FileMaker. In addition, the system stores files and provides quick quotes based on materials and printing time.
Since 2019
Soluchef is a dinning room for industries that offers its services in different parts of the country. Its secret is the freshness and quality of its food. The system we developed for them streamlines the process of purchasing from suppliers, listing more than a thousand products and making purchase orders quickly based on PDF files that give suppliers delivery instructions, everything integrated in the same system in FileMaker. In addition, invoices received from suppliers are recorded in the system so that they can control expenses and make relevant payments, avoiding errors due to the large volume of invoices received.


Footprint develops tailor made systems that fits and works in the organisation specifically for each and every client.


PHP is a language that has been around for a very long time, and will be around for even longer. All the well known systems like Wordpress and Joomla was programed with php. It’s a part of all Linux and Unix systems and therefore it's a part of the Apache webserver. And FileMaker is using php for custom web solutions, that we just love. Alan is our in depth php-expert.

Web Development

Actually we do more of system development, web development is nowdays a part of the system development. Our clients most of the time asks for a clients portal or/and a well designed html-email, it’s here web development and web design comes in to play. In order to make this google-friendly I had to add what we are using html, css, JavaScript and php.

Claris FileMaker

Since this platform is such a big part of what we do it deserves and needs it’s own section. We have our own FileMaker Servers located in Texas and Stockholm, where we host and develop our clients solutions. The staff at Footprint have great skills and long experience in developing systems at this platform, and we profoundly enjoy working with it.

Graphic design and PrePress

Another unik aspekt with us is that we also do Graphic design and PrePress, making it possible for you to merge two related areas to the same provider. We are experts in graphic production and color management so you get the right results and quality. We can plan, produce, lead and connect you with the right printing companies in México and Europe.

Integrations and API's

Today we can’t develop or hardly even update an existing system without include at least one integration. Most systems now have great API’s making it fairly simple from a technical point of view exchanging information. The most popular integration is integrating with the clients economical system, delivery systems etc. You can even integrate with Slack. The most used and popular method is REST Json but XML and SOAP is still in use.


Thanks again to FileMaker it’s fairly “easy” for us to build systems that stretches over multiple devices. But don’t you forget about pdf’s and the printed word just quite yet. We arrange so you or your graphic designer can integrate and import your data directly into an Adobe InDesign template using xml producing a product sheet or a complete catalog. This makes it possible for you to update your material more frequently and for haps publish and print the content in several languages.


FileMaker Development

More than 10 times faster than every other ERM oriented development platform as the beauty is in the combination of design, coding and performance.

Francisco Montes
IT Developer
“Most of the times I spend more time talking and receiving the client requests than coding and implementing the solutions”

Migrating to FileMaker

Don't waste time and money using other platforms and change to our system. Your migration process is our specialization.

“We still don't have a task or migration that can not be done by our team”


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